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Wolftrader is a website dedicated to non-stop market forecasting and analysis.  I founded Wolftrader in November 2009. However, personally I have been watching markets for over 15 years. The goal of this site is to provide you with the most accurate market timing information possible. My background is in traditional math, science and engineering.  My primary 1 day trading system is based upon mathematical model. However, I am open to any type of forecasting tool provided it is effective. Throughout the years I have developed my trading system from scratch. The technical indicators that I have written are based on Physics principles of Newtonian Mechanics  such as: position, velocity, acceleration and jerk.

As a trader and market forecaster I seek to address and resolve age old market questions:  Will we regress to the mean? Or will we continue on a "fat tail" trend outlier event? When is overbought a reversal? When is overbought a continuation of the bull market? What is the current state of the market?  What approach works best with the current state of the market?  What is the best stop loss?  What is the best limit order?  What is the best way to manage profits? What are some major cycles/transits affecting the market?  What are key outside exogenous variables (ie the fed) that could affect the markets?  These are just a few of the questions I seek to reconcile on a daily basis. The technicals can tell me what is happening right now, money management allows me  to optimize our current situation and the planets give me a good idea of what will happen down the road. Together they are a powerful combination.


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Shane Smoleny
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